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Tech Unlocked

Dec 11, 2019

Pariss Athena is the creator of the #BlackTechTwitter hashtag and movement, proving that the “pipeline problem” in tech isn’t true and that there is an entire community of Black technologists in the industry. #BlackTechTwitter has been featured in tons of interviews, articles, tech talks and has even caught the attention of influencers from tech to Hollywood. The hashtag even pops up as a suggestion on Instagram because of how frequently it is used. Pariss was asked to speak at Twitter about hashtag and the importance of paying close attention to this new found community. Pariss is also Founder of Black Tech Pipeline (#BlackTechPipeline) which is a Slack community for #BlackTechTwitter to continue learning, collaborating and networking among technologists who look like them. Along with the Slack community, there is a weekly #BlackTechPipeline newsletter full of interviews, features on different softwares and technologies, job and speaking opportunities and more.

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